Pile of Smile Activity Book (Paperback)

$ 9.95

Author Kerry Alison Wekelo, Illustrations by Vera Ema Tataro

Published by Peaceful Daily

Since children are often limited with activities when undergoing cancer treatment, Pile of Smile decided to develop an activity book and distribute free copies. The Pile of Smile Activity Book encourages children of all ages to use their creativity and imagination, especially when they can’t be physically active. Pile of Smile handed out over 200 copies at CureFest 2015 and donated 100 each to both 4Another and KraftLove. To locally spread joy, the activity books are being used at Buzz Aldrin Elementary in their after-school yoga classes, and at the Embry Rucker shelter. The reach continues to expand as the word spreads and the books are making it across the country to schools, churches, treatment facilities and other centers for kids.  All proceeds from the book will go directly back to dispensing the books for free. 

The Pile of Smile Activity Book is available for purchase on Amazon.com, or directly from Pile of Smile at a wholesale price. Pile of Smile is also seeking additional avenues to continue to spread joy through these books.

Books are available via Amazon at http://bit.ly/POSActivityBook 


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