About Wishes

Who is eligible for our wishes?

A kid who was diagnosed with cancer and reached the age of 2 and is younger then 21 years is potentially eligible for a wish. We will need to consult with the treating doctor the condition of the kid prior putting in the program. Start the application by filling the form at the bottom of the page. Our vision is to fulfill the biggest dream of every kid on the planet living with cancer! Pile of Smile operates in the U.S. and its territories for now!

Who can refer a kid?

Anybody can refer a kid to us. A parent, a friend, coworker or the kid himself. The consideration process starts once the application form is submitted.


What can a kid wish for?

Child’s imagination is limitless. The wishes come in different sizes and forms.  Some are humble and simple and some are super creative and elaborate. Our dedicated creative team is committed to fulfill all the wishes even the most wild ones. The most of the wishes coming from the kids are for example places they want to go, people they want to meet, things they wish to do, have or give and what they want to be.

Fill out the Wish Application Form HERE.


For more information and your comments
e-mail us at Info@PileOfSmile.org or
call us at 703-868-1506 or 540-454-1670.