Ways of Support

Brighten a child’s life!


A piece of art from compassionate kids who want to make the world a better place!


If your children like to draw, paint, or sculpt, we’d love to showcase their work.


Your cash contribution is tax-deductible, and we also need art supplies of all kinds. We have created an Amazon REGISTRY of art supplies we need for our events and workshops. We are grateful for any help!!!


Get involved – Become a Team Leader and inspire more kids to create world-changing art!


Let know your family, friends and coworkers about Pile of Smile. If you are a writer, write about us!

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We accept all kinds
of children’s art

Examples of art we showcase
for Pile of Smile:

Drawings, paintings, paper art, collages, sculptures, and many others.

Each individual submission
should include:

First name, age of the artist and a description of the art piece.


For more information and your comments
e-mail us at Info@PileOfSmile.org or
call us at 571-294-4194 or 540-454-1670.