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We are fundraising for Liam's wish now!


Three year old Liam and the rest of his family are in a battle no family should find themselves in; a battle for Liam's life.


Sometimes in life, bad things happen to good people. We often look to God and ask why but find no answers. All we can do is remain hopeful that the darkness will turn to light and we can be at peace with whatever may be.

Liam's MRI brought us bad news. We are left with no other viable option than to try radiation therapy. There are many potential dangers in starting radiation at such a young age, but the other option is certain death.

Starting sometime next month- Liam will begin a 5 day a week regime of radiation, for which he will have to be anesthetized daily.

This is his last chance. His last hope. His last battle to win the war.
Chemo failed him. Let's hope radiation delivers us the victory he so deserves.

More info about Liam's battle HERE.



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Our recent fulfilled wishes

Tara: Fairfax, VA

    With inoperable Astrocytoma, Tara continues to undergo extensive rounds of chemo. Tara will be going with her parents to Disney for her 11th birthday in Feb 2016.

    More updates on Tara's battle HERE.


    Sara: Loundon, VA

      Sara has had a rough time; she has been experiencing much dizziness. She will be traveling with her family to Harry Potter World.

      More updates on Sara's battle HERE.

      Paxton: Boon, WVA

        Paxton is 2 years old and has been undergoing treatment for 1 year already and will have another year of treatment. He will be traveling to Great Wolfe Lodge for to ring in 2016 with his family for his wish!


        Daniel: Herndon, VA

          Daniel received his wish gift a Bike Trailer, and is looking forward to getting out and about. It is really the first time when Daniel can get out of the house just for pure fun:-)

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          Thank you for your support!!