Alchemy of Self – A Sattva Yoga Journey (1/10/2015) April 14 2015, 0 Comments

Thank you to all who joined us!

Evolve Human Movement teamed with several organizations in the Washington, D.C. area to host the funnest yoga journey ever created! Big thanks to YoKid, South Block Juice Co., Pile of Smile, Lululemon, MojeeYatra, and The Aurvedic Yoga Healing Center for supporting the Movement!

More photos HERE>>


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Pile of Smile on NBC4 Washington January 03 2015, 0 Comments

On December 12, 2014 Pile of Smile was interviewed about the project on NBC4 Washington. Imogen and Alison both did great!

>>>> Special thanks to Matt Glassman and Christy Lavender <<<<

Watch the video here!


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ArtJamz Fundraiser by Evolve Human Movement for Pile of Smile (October 25th, 2014) December 09 2014, 0 Comments

Pile of Smile would like to thank EVOLVE Human Movement, SouthBlock Juice Co., Ross O’Rourke and all participating people for hosting Art Jam a benefit even to support Pile of Smile Wish Fund. Art Jam was a fun evening of inspiration, community, freedom of expression and creativity. A great evening of relaxing, laughing and letting your inner child shine through. The participants were able to buy or donate their master pieces. All the proceeds from the sale went to Pile of Smile. Below are some photos from the event.



More photos HERE>>

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Pile of Smile -- Press Release No.1 November 20 2014, 0 Comments

Eight-year-old Virginia girl launches innovative charity to benefit children with terminal cancer.

Pile of Smile brings kids together to create art in support of children and families.

Fairfax, Virginia –

Pile of Smile – a new charitable organization that encourages boys and girls to create and donate their art as a deep act of compassion in support of terminally ill kids – has begun holding events in Northern Virginia with plans to expand nationwide.  Pile of Smile creates opportunities for children to express themselves creatively (and learn new artistic techniques) in support of another child struggling with cancer.  Pieces of art are sold or auctioned to the public, with all funds being used to fulfill a patient’s wish.  Through Pile of Smile, kids are being exposed to tremendously moving stories as they learn the true meaning of gratitude.

The new charity is the brainchild of eight-year-old Imogen Adams, whose young friend lost his life to cancer last year.  She could not help but notice how her friend and his family suffered so badly, and she felt a need to try and alleviate that kind of pain that other people are going through.  So she decided she could contribute to the cause by using her artistic talent to raise money to grant the children’s final wishes.

“I want to help kids with cancer. For them to do what they want before their time is up,”  Imogen says.

She hopes by getting other kids together and creating art they can bring a smile to boys and girls in the hospital and make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Kids and adults create original art for donation to Pile of Smile

Since the organization launched earlier this year, Pile of Smile has hosted a workshop, sold artwork, completed an online art raffle, and donated all funds to families struggling with pediatric cancer. And they have begun planning the Pile of Smile expansion in pursuit of their ultimate goal: to fulfill the biggest dreams of every terminally ill child on the planet.

Pile of Smile -- First Art Workshop at Lake Fairfax, Virginia

Anyone who wishes to make a difference in another child’s life is encouraged to get involved in any number of ways: donating paintings, drawings, or sculptures, buying art online (proceeds will go towards the wish fund for a pediatric cancer patients), or serving as a local team leader and bringing together kids in your community to create art as an act of compassion.

>> Our Media Press Kit HERE <<

For more information, please call Alison Adams our Community Director at (540) 454-1670,
e-mail: or visit

Pile of Smile at The First National Kids Yoga Conference 2014 November 04 2014, 0 Comments

Post by Jess Belford, Photographer Jan Hanus

What a day at the First National Kids Yoga Conference! Such awesomeness filled with learning, sharing, connecting and fun.

Pile of Smile was there as a vendor and got to witness firsthand what some amazing and inspiring presenters and attendees are doing to spread the practice of yoga to children around the nation.

The first of it's kind, this conference had a vision to implement positive change in our schools and communities for children through a shared passion for the kids yoga movement. The conference was made up of yoga teachers, moms and community leaders from all around the country who got together in a playful way to collaborate and share ideas.

The conference itself consisted of keynote lectures, group exercises, breakout workshops, and panel discussions and also had yoga based activities designed just for kids and teens.

Pile of Smile was honored to be present at the event to help spread our mission to help children with terminal cancer by creating a wish fund generated by donations of kids artwork.

We drew a lot of attention with the amazing artwork and handmade wishbone earrings we had on display. We are committed to teaching children compassion and the importance of mindfulness at an early age and we will continue to spread the word about our charity organization at like minded events in the future!

More pictures here!

Thank you PassionOver Payment for your support!! October 14 2014, 0 Comments

On Friday August 22nd, 2014 PassionOver Payment hosted Episode ONE – Open Gallery Show in Philadelphia. Portion of the proceeds were donated to Pile of Smile - Wish Fund for Kids with Terminal Cancer.

We would like to thank Tim Willis, Owner of PassionOver Payment for his generous contribution!!!!

Check out Tim's awesome designs here:

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Lucian's Facebook Art Raffle Draw August 29 2014, 0 Comments

On the June 24th Pile of Smile held a Facebook Art Raffle to support Lucian's Family. Lucian passed away on June 6th of Leukemia at the age of 2. 100% proceeds from this raffle go to his parents. And these are the lucky winners drawn by Imogen and Alex!!

Videographer Omar Jaruez 

Our First Fundraiser Through Facebook for Lucian Williamson August 27 2014, 0 Comments

Lucian's Story

    Lucian was only six months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. After many treatments, and finally a bone marrow transfer, his family believed he finally could have been clear of the 19 months of battling cancer. It was then, after one bone scan, they discovered the Leukemia was throughout the bone, nothing more the doctors could do. Lucian passed away in the arms of his mother and father June 6, 2014 at the age of 2.

    See "Lucian's Recovery" Facebook page for more info.

    On June 24th

    from 1am – 11pm (EST)

    Donate through the Pile of Smile Facebook Page

    and you can win a piece of art.

    100% proceeds go to support Lucian’s parents.

    Comment on the art!



    This is how it will work


      Visit the Smile of Pile Facebook page where the art will be posted:

      Select the piece you’d like to win and write your donation in the comments section. E.g. “I donate $100.”

      To process your donation, click on the link that arrives in reply comment and sign up for Good World. It’s quite simple. You will see how others have done it.

      Comment on the art!
      Every comment is a donation!!

      Each donation is one entry to win. The winners will be drawn on June 25th.

      We thank you for supporting this art raffle with a difference that will
      make a big difference!

      These are the art pieces you can win.
      Look for these ads:



      Our partners:





      Introducing Pile of Smile and the First Art Workshop August 12 2014, 1 Comment

      Author of the blog post Lindsay Day

      It all started with a little girl and a dream. Eight-year-old Imogen wanted to make a difference, big or small, in the lives of children with terminal cancer. So she decided she could contribute to the cause by using her artistic talent to raise money to grant the children’s final wishes.

      With that inspiring idea, Pile of Smile began.

      Pile of Smile has a clear mission: Their vision “is to fulfill the biggest dream of every terminally ill kid on the planet.” The idea is quite simple. Kid’s fantastic artwork is for sale, and all proceeds go toward helping a sick child achieve his or her dreams.

      The uplifting premise—created in the heart of a caring child to help other children—has certainly taken flight. In a matter of months, Imogen and the Pile of Smile team have sold artwork, hosted a workshop, completed an online art raffle and—most importantly—spread the word.

      In fact, Pile of Smile recently made donations for their very first beneficiary, Lucian the Light Warrior. You can read Lucian’s Story here.

      Lucian was the first of hundreds (hopefully thousands) of boys and girls who will have their
 dreams fulfilled by Imogen and her charitable organization Pile of Smile.

      The art transfer workshop took place at Lake Fairfax Park and was 
led by artist David Keyhan and Imogen herself!

      Over two dozen people attended the first workshop and learned to create
      their very own wood transfer art piece to take home! 

      Local companies like South Block Juice have teamed up with Pile of Smile
      to support a good cause! All proceeds of this kid friendly juice product
      will go toward Pile of Smiles mission.

      The day was a success. Every attendee got to take home their treasured
      artwork and Pile of Smile earned several hundred
      dollars to contribute
      to Lucian the Light Warrior and his family.

      Photographer Jan Hanus

      More photos HERE.

      Video from the event

      Videographer Omar Jaruez 

      Sponsors of the event: